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Bollinger 007 Special Cuvée Champagne cl 75


TYPE Champagne AOC – Special Cuvée

PRODUCTION AREA Aÿ, Avenay, Bouzy, Tauxières, Louvois and Verzenay

VARIETY 60% Pinot Noir 25% Chardonnay 15% Meunier

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Bollinger 007 Special Cuvée Champagne cl 75

Bollinger 007 Special Cuvée Champagne cl 75

TYPE Champagne AOC – Special Cuvée

PRODUCTION AREA Aÿ, Avenay, Bouzy, Tauxières, Louvois and Verzenay

VARIETY 60% Pinot Noir 25% Chardonnay 15% Meunier

VINIFICATION After primary fermentation in small stainless steel or wooden barrels, the wine is bottled in spring and left to rest in the pervading silence of the gypsum cellars; The Special Cuvée champagne will remain there for at least three years.

COLOR Golden, a distinctive sign of black grapes. Evidence of good maturation. Thin bubbles.

BOUQUET The nose clearly perceives notes of ripe fruit, spices and candied apples with an aromatic biscuit impact rich in details.

PAIRING Cashew, Parmesan, Pata Negra cured ham. Crustaceans (prawns, lobster, freshwater prawns, grilled lobster). Sushi and sashimi, fish in general. Birds and white meat.

TASTE The sip, immediately recognizable, envelops with a creamy touch perfectly balanced by a fresh acidity and a soft and delicate bubble, where we find the fruity aromas of pear, brioche and slightly spicy spices with a rich and full-bodied result in balance between structure, power and vivacity.

TASTING NOTES This cuvée is the result of a skilful and delicate blend between a small part of vintage wine and a majority of reserve wines, among which those aged in bottle for more than 15 years in the cellar, and then mature not less than three years on the lees and be disgorged with the addition of the liqueur d’expédition made with the same wines as the blend, in order to maintain the most absolute stylistic coherence. The dégorgement is mechanized. This last process is Bollinger’s pride as it is carried out with a jet system which, by injecting an inert gas inside the bottles, prevents oxygen from penetrating and, therefore, allows the use of a very low amount of Sulfur. These are the characteristics that make the cuvée special, together with the raw material used, grown in the most prestigious Champagne crus. It is on this wine that the Maison Bollinger bases its diversity and its qualitative choices and intends to be judged.

DESCRIPTION The Bollinger maison is located in Ay, one of the historic towns in the heart of Champagne and the quality of its wines is universally recognized, even by competitors. Thanks to the privileged position of the vineyards, and to a deep ethics of quality, the Maison Bollinger quickly acquires an international reputation thanks to the style and quality of its Champagne wines. In 1992 the Ethics and Quality Charter was drawn up on which all the methods and principles defended by the Maison Bollinger are written down. The Bollinger vineyards satisfy 70% of its grape requirements, extend over an area of ​​160 hectares located essentially within the confines of the grands crus and premiers crus champenois. The remaining 30% comes from selected grapes purchased by other winemakers within the perimeter of the grands and premiers crus. Maison Bollinger uses only the wine coming from the first pressing, reselling the second presses. The Bollinger style is based on pinot noir, coming mainly from the prestigious territories of Aÿ, Bouzy and Verzenay. Its typicality gives the wines richness, vinousness and roundness. The grands crus and premiers crus enter in their entirety in the composition of the assembly of the Grande Année and for 80% in that of the Special Cuvée. They bring their structure and complexity to Bollinger wines. The reserve wines are stored in magnums with corks under a light foam, cru by cru, vine by vine, year by year. This unique method in Champagne allows the Maison Bollinger to keep its reserve wines for many years while preserving their freshness and character. Thus having a real wine shop, Maison Bollinger can choose with great precision the cru, the grape variety and the vintage that will best ensure continuity in the Special Cuvée assembly. Bollinger can also boast the exclusivity of a closed vineyard

AGING Three months after disgorgement.








Gradazione Alcolica %



Pinot Noir




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