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A 50-year history...
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Bottiglieria del Massimo cares with passion and refinement a wide selection of Champagne, wines, spirits, cocktails, special and craft beers. Each bottle, from the most common to the most exclusive, contains a story, tells a territory and is an experience to be experienced. We share all that there is to discover, contemplate, learn to love through flavors and pairings with as many people as possible through our e-commerce site. Not just a showcase of products, but a benchmark for all lovers of fine drinking. The great assortment of bottles corresponds to a great variety of details and information, because for us every choice is dictated by emotion. Accurate descriptions, photographs, video tutorials, tips, this and much more is our e-commerce

Informazioni, curiosità e consigli per individuare originali e particolari abbinamenti.
Scegliere, leggere, scoprire: in poche semplici mosse potete conoscere e accostare nel miglior modo possibile Champagne, Vini, Distillati, valorizzando le proprietà che li contraddistinguono ed esaltando il giusto equilibrio di sapori e profumi. 

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