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Your Online Wine Shop: wide selection of champagnes, fine wines, spirits, beers and liquors at the best prices. Shipping in 48/72 h throughout Italy. Wine Delivery in 30 minutes to Palermo. Buy Online!

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Bottiglieria del Massimo, the Champagnerie, is your online wine shop that passionately curates a wide selection of Champagnes, Wines, Spirits, Cocktail party boxes, Vermouths & Bitter , Beers special e handicrafts. On every bottle, from the most common to the most exclusive, tells a story, tells a territory, and is an experience to be lived.

Champagneria / Wines / Spirits / Cocktail Bar / Special Beers / Gourmet

A 50-year history...

Champagneria / Wines / Spirits / Cocktail Bar / Special Beers / Gourmet

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Habitation Velier

  VELIER – RUM HABITATION Habitation Velier The “Habitation Velier” project was born in 2015 out of a close collaboration between Luca Gargano and the world’s best Pure Single Rum distillers, a category that groups rum excellence. The purpose of the range is to bring the rum market’s attention to the fundamental importance of the…

Appleton Estate – Jamaican Rum

Appleton Estate authentic Jamaican rum Appleton’s history began more than 270 years ago in the Nassau Valley, a unique land. Karst is a rare environment with conical formations of limestone rocks, caves and underground water springs, The unique lay of the land naturally filters rain giving rise to crystal clear water streams that impart an…

Laphroaig – Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Laphroaig, named for its location, “wide basin by the bay,” has remained in the hands of the same family for 139 years. The whiskey-making tradition has been handed down by the distillery managers since the first drop fell from the still in 1815. Ian Hunter, Bessie Williamson, John MacDougal, Denise Nicole, Iain Henderson, John Campbell…

Passopisciaro – Franchetti Wines

“Etna rises through layers of increasingly colder air to more than the Dolomites; every night this air glides along the black dust to the vineyards and subjects them to a jolt that first paralyzes them, then causes them to distill altered sugars and scents, distorted, deviated that is, from what would come from the normal…

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