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Bas Armagnac Dartigalongue

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Bas Armagnac Dartigalongue – The Best Armagnac

Since 1838, the DARTIGALONGUE family has been producing artisanal Armagnac in Nogaro, Bas Armagnac (the first region of the Armagnac Appellation).

Since 1838, the house of DARTIGALONGUE has also belonged to the same family, which continues to create, age and blend the finest fruits of the region’s terroir in a warm and welcoming atmosphere by prioritizing sharing, meeting and those happy moments spent together.
The Dartigalongue family carefully selects its white spirits made from the white wines of three varieties-Ugni Blanc (for fruit) – Baco blanc (specific to AOC Armagnac-for structure) and Folle Blanche (for finesse).
The eaux-de-vie come from the Bas Armagnac terroir, with its loamy, sandy soils that are known to give fine, elegant Armagnacs.

Distillation takes place in a plate still, a continuous low-alcohol distillation that is characteristic of traditional Armagnac distillation in order to maintain maximum aromas and complexity.

The oak barrels used to age the spirit are purchased from local coopers and are mostly Gascon-Southwest oak. These barrels contribute to the generous and gourmet taste of Armagnac.

Aging is done successively in two different types of cellars: dry cellars that calm the fire in young spirits, followed by wetter cellars that will give roundness and finesse.

After 40-50 years of aging in oak barrels, the cellarer decides to transfer the eaux-de-vies to “bonbonnes” (demijohns) where they are unlikely to evolve any further.

The goal of this careful and precise aging is to imbue Dartigalongue Armagnacs with the family style that can be summed up in two words: freshness and full flavor.

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