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Vodka Beluga

Beluga Vodka

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All Beluga vodkas are produced at the Siberian Mariinsky Distillery, which has respected the traditions of Vodka production since 1900. The Mariinsky Distillery is considered a leader throughout the nation because of its avant-garde equipment and highly advanced quality control system in every step of production.

Where is Beluga Vodka produced?

Produced at the Marininsk distillery in Siberia using only barley, Beluga vodka is distilled three times and reduced in degree through the use of pure water from Siberian rivers. Beluga vodka is the number one Russian vodka, produced in line with traditions dating back more than a century.

What are the ingredients of Beluga Vodka?

Beluga is a vodka of exceptional quality, produced without additives, made to be clean. It is made from barley malt and water from Siberian artesian wells.

The water from which the vodka is made comes from Siberia and is drawn at a depth of 300 meters from 2 artesian wells.
Water from the depths of Siberia is unique in mineralogical properties, a 7-column carbon filtration system and silver water filtration in addition to cold treatment technology before bottling give Beluga vodka an exclusive taste.

Beluga Vodka is a unique product in the super and ultra premium segment.
Beluga’s precise distillation process gives it an extraordinary smooth and rich taste.

Each individual bottle is decorated with the brand’s legendary symbol: a small beluga fish of, attached by hand.

Beluga Vodka is sold in more than 100 countries and 264 airports worldwide.


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