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Berlucchi Franciacorta

Berlucchi Winery of the year 2022 Gambero Rosso

2021 was a doubly special year for the Berlucchi winery: in the year of the 60th anniversary of the first bottle of Franciacorta, created by Franco Ziliani in 1961, Gambero Rosso – one of the leading publishing groups in Italy and in the world in the ‘Enogastronomy and Food Culture – awarded Guido Berlucchi the coveted award of Winery of the Year 2022.

How to drink Berlucchi?

A good Franciacorta has fine and persistent bubbles, which develop even when the wine is in the glass.


To smell the scent of a Franciacorta just bring the glass to your nose and take a couple of inhalations. Other inhalations can be done while waving the glass very slightly, precisely to help the volatile molecules move upwards.

The typical scent of a Franciacorta is that of yeast.


In the classic method it is easy to find particularly marked hardness, in fact a good acidity component is essential to guarantee the longevity of these wines and is in turn underlined by the tactile sensation of the bubbles. The addition of a little sugar in the dosage syrup and the long aging, on the other hand, bring softness to the wine with the aim of finding the right balance.

The taste can be more or less intense and more or less persistent.

What pairings?

Some combinations work by contrast: for example a fatty dish will appreciate a wine with good acidity. Others work by agreement: it is always better to combine sweet wines with desserts.

The Franciacortas are very versatile and of different intensity and structure. They can be combined with any dish, from appetizers to desserts through light and intense dishes.


8-10 ° C or 10-12 ° C, depending on the bottle.


We recommend the tulip-shaped glass whose design is made to enhance the bouquet and perlage of Franciacorta Berlucchi to the maximum.

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