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A 50-year history

A family history, written by the passion for good drinking and by the desire to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding palate. In the distant ’68 in Palermo, a few steps from the Teatro Massimo, Luigi Corrente transforms a small neighborhood shop into a reference point for the purchase of liqueurs and wines, both in bulk and in bottles, from the most common to the most exclusive ones . This is how the Bottiglieria del Massimo fiaschetteria was born. But the project does not stop there. Since the late 80s, with the advent of Champagne in Italy, the Parisian spirit conquers Palermo. Luigi decides to satisfy the growing demand for bubbles, putting a corner dedicated to Champagne standing in front of the Bottiglieria. The time matures and consolidates the fame of the place in the heart of Palermo and it is here that around the beginning of the 90s, Al Pacino every night, after the shooting of the film, the Godfather Part III, loves to sip Dry Martini until late at night . From 2003 till now, with Giuseppe Corrente, son of Luigi, Bottiglieria del Massimo consolidates its prestige, distinguishing itself for its wide selection of Champagne, for the quality of cocktails, spirits, craft beers and for the proposal of gourmet dishes.

The passion for Champagne since 1988

Savor, drink and contemplate: Champagne is a wine that fascinates and seduces. Bottiglieria del Massimo offers an assortment of Champagne for connoisseurs and enthusiasts. The selection is the expression of a story of passion born towards the end of the 1980s, during the golden age of Champagne in Italy and cultivated over time with travels and experiences. In a glass of bubbles the joy of sharing lightheartedness, good humor and passion.

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