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A family history

A 50-year history

It all began way back in '68, in Palermo, when Luigi Corrente, driven by a passion for good drinking, turned a modest neighborhood store a few steps from the Teatro Massimo into a landmark for liquor and wine lovers. From the most common to the most exclusive, his Bottiglieria del Massimo became synonymous with excellence.

Evolution was inevitable. In the late 1980s, with the advent of Champagne in Italy, the Parisian spirit conquered the hearts of Palermitans. Louis, always attentive to trends, decided to meet the growing demand for bubbles. Opposite his store, a corner dedicated to Champagne was born, enriching the experience of those seeking the best.

Time passed, but the fame of the Maximum's Bottlehouse grew. In the heart of Palermo, the place became iconic, so much so that in the early 1990s, Al Pacino, after the filming of "The Godfather Part III," liked to spend his evenings sipping a Dry Martini late into the night.

In 2003, Giuseppe Corrente, Luigi's son, took over the reins of the family legacy. The Bottiglieria del Massimo consolidated its prestige, distinguishing itself with a wide selection of Champagnes, quality cocktails, spirits and craft beers. But not only that, the proposal also extended to gourmet dishes, making the experience unique.

Today, Bottiglieria del Massimo continues to be a place of excellence, where a passion for good drinking is mixed with the art of mixology and attention to gastronomic details. A place that holds the history of a family, the taste of an era and the unmistakable atmosphere of Palermo.


Luigi Corrente opens a small neighborhood store within walking distance of the Teatro Massimo.


Al Pacino, every night after the filming of the movie the “Godfather – Part III,” sips his Cocktail, the Dry Martini, at the 59 Salvatore Spinuzza Street location.


Students in Palermo choose La Champagneria – Bottiglieria del Massimo as a meeting place for their relaxing moments.


The venue turns forty, and Giuseppe Corrente begins to specialize in the research and selection of Champagne and spirits for high-quality mixology.


We enter the digital age with our new e-commerce site, designed to stay close to our customers. The inspiration for the new image comes from the proximity to the prestigious Theater, turning this connection into a unique digital experience.


Excellent service excellent choice of products seller recommended

The passion for Champagne since 1988

Savor, drink, contemplate: Champagne is a wine that fascinates and seduces

Bottiglieria del Massimo offers an assortment of Champagne for connoisseurs and enthusiasts. The selection is the expression of a story of passion born towards the end of the 1980s, during the golden age of Champagne in Italy and cultivated over time with travels and experiences. In a glass of bubbles the joy of sharing lightheartedness, good humor and passion.

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