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Delamain Cognac Grande Champagne

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For nearly two centuries, Maison Delamain-from generation to generation-has been the custodian of a way of thinking about and experiencing cognac that goes beyond any usual reference.
He chisels prestigious cognacs unique in the world with art and patience. To achieve this level of excellence and exception, the Maison has mastered an essential and forgotten ingredient: time.

Essential to the pursuit of excellence, Maison Delamain is one of the very few cognac producers to work exclusively with eaux-de-vie from the“Grande Champagne” appellation, home of the best cognac crus. But working with the best spirits alone cannot guarantee the excellence or exceptional character of a Delamain cognac. Resisting the pressures of a world obsessed with speed, the experts at Maison Delamain take the time to taste and understand the potential of thousands of samples presented to them by the region’s best distillers.

These are rare cognacs, many of which are already aged up to 50 years.
Decisions are crucial, and it may take several weeks to reach final, considered verdicts.
This unique selection process is the hallmark of a prestigious cognac house that has spent centuries forging close bonds of trust and friendship with local producers. Once again it is about time, and a lot of it.

Delamain Cognac Grande Champagne

The selected brandies are then entrusted to the capable hands of Dominique Touteau, the Cellar Master.

The barrels settle in their home, the perpetual twilight of the cooperage. Lying down, but not forgotten: each barrel will be closely monitored throughout its long life. The Cellar Master, the linchpin of this entire operation, regularly tastes each barrel to keep track of its progression and acclimatization.

No need to hurry-the eternal ticking of the old Delamain pendulum clock continues regardless.

Delamain uses barrels made exclusively from aged French oak. The dense wood fibers limit the influx of tannins, helping to preserve the fruity flavors and more subtle nuances in cognac. This approach helps protect the subtle character of Delamain cognac, but it also requires a much longer maturation process. No matter. In Delamain, time is a valuable ally. The excellence of the greatest cognacs, the purest expression of their majestic Grande Champagne terroir, comes at a price: great patience.


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