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Etna wines

Wines of Etna – Let’s get to know the grape varieties

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Etna wines


A unique territory, high altitude wines. Where are we? On Mount Etna of course!

It is on the slopes of this still active volcano that Etna’s winemakers work under extreme conditions and have been exploring and testing the best soils to grow native grapes for decades.

But what are the grapes that form the basis of Etna wine? Let’s go and find out about them together:



Nerello is the signature red wine of Etna and extreme are the conditions under which it is grown. The steep slope of the terrain in many cases forces winemakers to harvest by hand, and the temperature fluctuations on the mountain slopes are very strong.

It is the most common grape variety here on Etna, and the resulting wine is characterized by high total acidity.

Nerello is the grape variety used in the production of Etna DOC Rosso, Rosato and Spumante.


It owes its name to the distinctive mantle or cap-like foliage habit of the plant grown as a sapling.

The wines have low alcohol content and good total acidity and are characterized by a deep red color. The wine has floral and fruity hints of cherry and present a high structure. Nerello Cappuccio can enter the composition of Etna DOC Rosso, Rosato and Spumante wines.


Carricante is an ancient white grape variety that has always been grown on the slopes of the volcano, especially at higher altitudes. Its name comes from the Sicilian expression “u carricanti,” which emphasizes the abundant production of its plants, capable of filling carts with grapes.

The aroma of the wine is very complex and intense, characterized by intense hints of citrus flowers. The flavor is savory with medium aromatic persistence. Today it is increasingly vinified in purity and forms the main base of Etna Bianco Doc for a minimum of 60 percent, rising to 80 percent in Etna bianco superiore.


The vines are traditionally bush-trained, with short pruning and few bunches per plant, in order to obtain grapes with good aromatic concentration. TheContributes up to 40 percent to the composition of Etna Bianco.

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