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Organic or Biodynamic Champagne?

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We hear more and more about it: biodynamic Champagne, organic…but do we really know the difference? Which Champagne to choose? Let’s try to understand the differences and peculiarities of these types of crops in our article

Organic cultivation

Organic wine is regulated by European specifications. Control organizations ensure that certain production and winemaking standards are met. The label then carries the organic logo certifying it.
This logo thus guarantees the absence of chemicals or herbicides in grape production. This requires winemakers to work mechanically. Only natural products, such as composted manure, are allowed to fertilize the soil.

Thus, organic wines are wines whose grapes must be obtained without any chemicals. In case of disease, copper-based therapeutic products should be limited to 6 kg per hectare per year. Sulfur amounts are also limited by the label and must be limited to 100 mg per liter for red wines and 150 mg per liter for white wines.

Biodynamic farming

Unlike organic farming, there are no European regulations for growing wine biodynamically. But there are two major certifiers that regulate this wine production and require that the vineyard be organically farmed in advance, these are Demeter and Biodyvin.

Based on the writings of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), biodynamic winemakers seek to intensify soil life so that there is a better exchange between the soil and the plant. For this, they use herbal preparations that infuse, energize or macerate to help the vine grow stronger and develop better. The special feature of biodynamics is that it follows an astral calendar to intervene on the vine because the plant, soil and lunar influences combine effectively.
Winegrowers are therefore required, in addition to the constraints of organic farming, to preserve the biodiversity of the farm with biodynamic treatments. For Champagne, wine clarification, filtration, and sugaring, i.e., the addition of sugar, are allowed, while the sulfur dose is lower than for organic wines, around 70 mg per liter for red wines and 90 mg per liter for white wines.

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