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Castelgiocondo Magnum Brunello Di Montalcino 2018 Frescobaldi Lt 1.5


It comes from a very strict selection of only Sangiovese grapes in the vineyard, where all the characteristics necessary to enhance this ancient grape variety are scrupulously respected

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Castelgiocondo Brunello Di Montalcino 2018 Frescobaldi


Brunello di Montalcino DOCG
“CastelGiocondo is a unique place in Montalcino, where the great variety of exposures and soils – marl, clays and Pliocene sands – give this Brunello infinite nuances. A multifacetedness of notes that evolve over time and make me continually want to discover, savor and remember.”
It comes from a rigorous selection of only Sangiovese grapes in the vineyard, where all the characteristics necessary to enhance this ancient grape variety are scrupulously respected

Climate trend

The 2018 season was characterized by a cool and wet winter, with budding in the normal range. The rainy spring during the flowering period slowed down fruit set, naturally lowering the plants’ production load. The summer was dry, with little rain, but thanks to the water reserve created in the spring, there were no problems. This situation allowed for smooth veraison and excellent ripening, with cool nights ideal for the development of aromas and color. The mid-September north wind led to a drop in temperatures. The cool, breezy but sunny season was particularly favorable for Sangiovese, which was able to complete its ripening, accumulating great aromatic and polyphenolic potential. The grapes arrived at harvest time healthy, intact and with the right concentration.

Vinification and maturation

Such regular weather patterns made it possible to harvest by hand without any particular difficulty, and once they arrived at the winery, they were subjected to scrupulous selection on sorting benches. Fermentations took place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, with frequent pumping over especially during the early stages. The wine then underwent maturation in wood in large barrels, where it was allowed to mature and “elevate” until it achieved its defining balance and harmony. CastelGiocondo Brunello is ready for release 5 years after the harvest and only after further bottle aging.

Tasting Notes

CastelGiocondo 2018 has a bright and intense ruby red color. Castelgiocondo always stands out for its elegance, a characteristic that is, if possible, even more pronounced in this vintage. The fruity notes, the first to hit our olfactory receptors, are dominated by blueberry and blackberry, flanked by black currant and other berries. This is followed by floral memories of violets and dog roses, always present in the bouquet of the best Brunellos of Montalcino. Sharp spicy hints of black pepper, cardamom, followed by a pleasant licorice aroma make their way into the olfactory sequence. On the palate the tannic texture is dense but without any particular harshness, finely flanked by mineral notes. The taste-olfactory consistency and long, lingering finish make it especially balanced.







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