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Champagne Agrapart Experience 2016 Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Nature


Varietal: Chardonnay.

Parcel winemaking in demi-muids.

This cuvée is made by blending wines from the 2016 vintage from Avize.


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Champagne Agrapart Experience 2016 Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru – Nature

Varietal: Chardonnay.

Parcel winemaking in demi-muids.

This cuvée is made by blending wines from the 2016 vintage from Avize.

The alcohol content of this cuvée is natural; the first fermentation is done with indigenous yeasts. For the second fermentation in the bottle (prise de mousse), grape juice from the following harvest is used to bring the equivalent of 24 g/l of sugar and indigenous yeasts.

Complete malolactic fermentation. “Mise en bouteille” in September 2017 without filtration or clarification. The wine remained on the lees for a minimum of 4 years. The “remuage” was done manually.

“Dègorgement” 60 days before marketing.

Undosed Cuvée (Brut nature).

SO 2 < 50 mg / liter.

Agrapart Champagne

Company founded in 1894 in Avize, in the heart of the Côtes des Blancs, by Arthur Agrapart.

Champagne Agrapart has, since the company’s inception, been a Récoltant Manipulant (R.M.) Champagne, in fact, successive generations of passionate winemakers have always intervened in the different stages of winemaking, from vineyard work to bottling and marketing.
The Récoltant Manipulant has this privilege because he manages and controls every moment, from the ripening of his grapes to the evolution of his wine.

The Agrapart winery is located in Avize and its vineyards, amounting to 12 hectares are distributed in Oger, Cramant, Oiry and Avize (all Grand Crus of the Côte des Blancs) and in Avenay-val-dor, Coligny (Premiers Crus) and Vauciennes.
Such a geographical situation, in the heart of Champagne and in villages classified as “Grand Cru” is exceptional.
The chalky soil, specific to the Côte des Blancs, creates ideal conditions for the Chardonnay vineyard and brings freshness and elegance to the wine.

Harvest: the grapes are transported quickly in order to press them as soon as possible, in pierced crates, washed systematically after each use.
Pressing: traditional Coquard 4000 kg press. Pressing is slow and selective so as to separate the qualities of the grape juices.
Leaching: static, enzyme-free.
Inoculation: indigenous grape yeasts.
Vinification: the most important wines mature in oak barrels (capacity of about 600 lt.), no woody taste is sought but oxidation (oxygen is not an enemy of wine). In steel tanks the softer wines. Malolactic fermentation is procured to bring more stability, balance and evolution to the wine. The wines are kept on their lees before being tasted for cuvée type blending. Tartrate stabilization occurs naturally during winter.
Bottling takes place, without collage or filtration. The bottles are stored in excavated cellars at a constant temperature (10°) which ensures slow fermentation, a guarantee of quality and fineness of the bubbles.

An advocate of parcel winemaking, Agrapart tends to express the identity, diversity and typicality of each territory.
From the ” Les 7 Crus” cuvée, representative of all the vineyards, research is refined with “Terroirs” resulting from the diversity of the Grands Crus.
“Mineral” represents Avize and Cramant, very calcareous soils that best express minerality.
And finally ” L’Avizoise” and “Venus,” two single cru Champagnes where the diversity of the Avize terroir is highlighted.
Wines conceived in all sincerity, with personality. A craft, a passion where every detail matters to achieve a great Champagne.

Always respecting nature, Agrapart takes care of its vineyard…
In the rhythm of the seasons, wine matures in the cellars…
Time, respect, and rigor are essential for the wine to reflect the distinctiveness of the terroir…









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