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Etna Bianco Le Vigne Niche Terre Nere


Unlike Etna Bianco, which is composed of an assembly of 5 white grapes, the Vigne Niche is only Carricante.

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Unlike Etna Bianco, which is composed of a blend of five white grapes, Vigne Niche is Carricante alone. They decided to produce it in 2007 after being fortunate enough to taste a 42-year-old Carricante on three different occasions. It turned out to be so beautiful this wine, so flawless and vigorous despite its venerable age, that they were moved to try to produce something similar. They tried to imagine how an obviously talented winemaker would produce such a wine, moreover virtually without any technological help. And they tried to imitate what they had imagined. Vigne Niche is the result. Carricante from old and young vines and lots of vignettes, because finding excellent Carricante in a DOC mainly devoted to reds is not easy. Only 4 percent of the D.O.C. area is planted with Carricante. Vigne Niche ` fermented and aged in 10-hectoliter barrels. We bottle it after about 12 months and it is aged for an additional six months before becoming available. A shy wine whose rare complexity blossoms beautifully over time. Of great longevity, it will reward your patience with a beauty of unusual nobility Drink it with creams of leek, squash or onion, lobster bisque, Milanese or fish risotto, baked fish, poultry or rabbit in white wine.

Data sheet:

Name: Etna Bianco D.O.C.
Production area: Municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia, Randazzo, Biancavilla, Milo…
Grapes: Carricante.
Production: 60 quintals per hectare.
Terrain: Volcanic, mixed, from a variety of vineyards.
Exposure: North, East, South.
Age of vineyards: 25-60 years.
Annual production: 6,000 bottles.

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