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Gravner Ribolla IGT 2013


Gravner is one of the leading figures in Italian winemaking history. Josko perfectly represents a radical change in the way we think about wine in Friuli and around the world.

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Gravner Ribolla IGT

Gravner is one of the leading figures in Italian wine history. Josko perfectly represents a radical change in the way of thinking about wine in Friuli and around the world. It is a path that begins far back, when while still a teenager Josko began making wine from grapes from the vineyards planted around his home. Francesco Gravner began by practicing conventional viticulture but within a decade decided to dispose of the technology he had bought, the steel tanks and barriques. He arrived first in ’97 at macerating in large wooden vats without any temperature control, and then in 2001 at the point of no return that consecrated him to the world: he began winemaking in large buried terracotta amphorae, the classic Caucasian origin from the Kakheti area. “Since I started making wine in amphora, in 2001, I have never again allowed myself to control a sugar level, let alone fixed acidity values. You don’t add and you don’t take away. I take what nature gives me. I believe that in the winery it is not necessary to learn who knows what, you just have to have the intuition of when to work, the less you intervene the better you have worked..” For more than 30 years, he has not used synthetic chemicals in his vineyards, which he works exclusively by hand, with unparalleled care and passion respecting the ecosystem in which we live. In the winery, the long macerations on the skins and the very long maturation in wood are natural consequences of a path aimed at enhancing not only the grapes but the whole territory in itself. This is how unique wines are born, capable of going beyond any definition related to organic or biodynamic.

Harvest 2013

From Ribolla grapes, fermented with long maceration in buried Georgian amphorae, with indigenous yeasts and no temperature control. After racking and pressing, it returns to amphora for at least another 5 months before beginning aging in large oak barrels, where it remains for 6 years.

Very rainy year, harvest finished on Saturday, November 2.

We recommend serving it at a temperature of 12-18°C.



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Ribolla Gialla



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