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Grillo di Mozia Tasca D’Almerita 2022


Mozia is a small museum island in the stagnone of Marsala. Thanks to its microclimate and soils, it represents an absolutely unique production site. A marine ecosystem that has always been linked to the vineyard, with the first planting in the early 19th century, when the English, having arrived in Marsala, sensed its potential. Today in Mozia we care for about 13 hectares of vineyards, surrounded by archaeological sites dating back to Phoenician times expertly preserved today by the Whitaker Foundation.

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Grillo di Mozia Tasca D’Almerita 2022

Harvest 2022

Whitaker Estate is located on the ancient Phoenician island of Mozia, off the coast of Marsala. Small but incredibly rich in historical evidence, Mozia boasts a microclimate in which the Grillo grape expresses its full life force. The vineyard is in a beautiful location, surrounded by archaeological sites and near a brackish pond where people used to fish with casting nets in ancient times. Here the destinies of two families, Whitaker and Tasca d’Almerita, have been intertwined in the setting of an ecosystem where vines have long played a prominent role. The first planting of vines in Mozia dates back to the early 19th century, when the British, arriving from nearby Marsala, identified soil and climate characteristics there as very favorable for grape production.

The soils of the island of Mozia are derived from seabed of marine origin. These are sandy and loose soils. Important is the presence of limestone, which results in an alkaline soil reaction (pH 8.2) and influences the aromatic characteristics of the grapes.

The depth of the soil allows for adequate sapling development. Long pruning, “archetto alla marsalese,” is most appropriate for Grillo grapes, given the low fertility at the base of the shoot. The slightly early harvest preserves a few points of acidity to maintain the freshness of the sip and the longevity, which the Mozia white has been able to demonstrate over the years.

  • Grape varieties: Grillo
  • Denomination: Sicily DOC
  • Wine-growing area: Mozia – Island of San Pantaleo (TP), Stagnone islet a few kilometers from the coast of Marsala – Sicily
  • Training system: sapling
  • Type of pruning: short and long “marsalese” style
  • Density of strains per ha: 3.300
  • Yield quintals of grapes per ha: 50 ql
  • Fermentation: in stainless steel tanks
  • Fermentation temperature: 16/18°C
  • Length of fermentation: 15 days
  • Malolactic fermentation: not carried out
  • Aging: in steel tanks in the presence of yeast for 5 months
  • Alcohol content: 14% Vol.
  • Wine analytical data: pH 3.15 – AT 6.44 g/l – ZR 1.8 g/l – ET 27.1 g/l


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