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Etna Wine Guide 2024


The world’s most comprehensive publication dedicated to the wines of the Volcano, which, among other things, annually records all the news and is a thermometer on what is happening in the area. As always there is the English text opposite so that all winelovers around the world can read the Guide

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Etna Wine Guide 2024

by Fabrizio Carrera and Federico Latteri

Discover Etna’s wine excellence with the Guide to Etna Wines 2024, edited by Cronache di Gusto. The new edition brings back the exciting list of Thirty-four Unmissable Wines, the ultimate expression of the exceptional nature of the Etnean territory.


  • Title: Guide to the Wines of Etna 2024
  • Curator: Chronicles of Taste
  • Number of Unmissable Wines: 34
  • Composition: 11 Whites, 22 Reds, 1 Rosé

New Highlights: This year, the guide features five more wines than the previous edition, confirming the evolution and diversification of Etna’s wine excellence. Highlights include eleven whites, twenty-two reds and, for the first time, a rosé. This signals significant growth in the production of white wines, which increased from eight to eleven in a single year.

Record Statistics and Participation: The 2024 edition of the guide reviewed more than 480 wines from more than 130 wineries, demonstrating record participation and growing interest in Etna wines. A clear sign of the prosperity and continued growth of the wine industry on Etna.

Unique Tasting Experience: The list of Thirty-four Unmissable Wines represents the culmination of a rigorous selection, reflecting the quality and diversity of products from Etna’s wineries. Each label was chosen for its extraordinary expression of the territory, taking the art of Etna wine to unprecedented heights.

New Inclusions and Significant Growth: For three wineries, this edition marks their first time in the Olympus of tastings, adding a special note to the 2024 vintage. In addition, new labels from wineries already featured in previous years emerge among the Unmissable Wines, highlighting a constant search for excellence and innovation.

Buy the Etna Wine Guide 2024 to explore the new frontiers of Etna viticulture and discover the Thirty-four Unmissable Wines that will enchant your senses.




Cronache di Gusto

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Guida ai vini dell'Etna 2024Etna Wine Guide 2024

Availability: 4 in stock

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