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Jacquesson Magnum 745 Champagne Extra Brut


Cuvée No. 745

Chardonnay 57%, Pinot Meunier 22%, Pinot Noir 21%.

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Jacquesson Magnum 745 Champagne Extra Brut

Until 1999, yearless Brut reigned supreme throughout Champagne. An era in his image: without beginning and without end. And everything changed:

“Why aim for average when we can achieve excellence? “

The Domaine then proclaimed its independence, illustrated in its 700 Manifesto: to make the best blend possible each year. Plots, vines, terroir, human heart and soul: the whole estate had to come together in a single bottle, in the spirit of a vintage, with the reserve wines, for a single Champagne, each year different, each year sublimated.

Not exactly the same thing, nor another.

The revolution surprised the court and enchanted the palaces.

Since then, each bottle has carried as a banner of freedom the 3 figures of its birth from the estate’s 728 cuvées.

Cuvée No. 745

The blending of wines from the same vintage, from dozens of plots, is completed with some of their predecessors: the “vins de réserve,” kept in the cellar for several years. In this process, it becomes essential to capture the best of each vintage while avoiding denying the variations unique to each crop.

The Cuvées are numbered to date them and to highlight their different personalities.

2017 vintage: grapes harvested in Aÿ, Dizy, Hautvillers (66 percent), Avize and Oiry (34 percent). Winter and spring are exceptionally low in rainfall, early spring is mild, but in April some late frosts devastate the vineyards, particularly in the Côte des Blancs. Temperatures go back up and the weather is good through July. The end of the season is warm but very rainy.

The harvest began on September 4 and ended on the 13th. Strict grape selection generates low yields but allows for ripe, healthy clusters. The wines prove rich and dense, and the Cuvée is complemented with some “vins de réserve.”

Dosage: 0.75 g/l.

  • Champagne Jacquesson 745 Extra Brut


  • Jacquesson Magnum 745 Champagne Extra Brut






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Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir


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