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L’Ecrù Passito Firriato 2017 Lt. 0.5


Classification: Passito IGT Terre Siciliane

Varietal: Zibibbo

Production area: agro di Trapani Borgo Guarini

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L’Ecrù Passito Firriato 2017 Lt. 0.5

Classification: Passito IGT Terre Siciliane
Grape variety: Zibibbo
Production area: agro di Trapani Borgo GuariniSoil type: medium-textured, tending to loamFrom the withering garden on the Borgo Guarini estate comes LEcrù, a passito wine of unusual finesse that, even in the bright golden sparkle of its color, bewitches for the harmony of its aromas and scents, citrusy from the Zibibbo and typical of the Mediterranean scrub thanks to the small part of Malvasia. Grapes from the two native grape varieties, gently brought to the right degree of drying, make up this passito with an absolute but balanced flavor. It is revealed by lessenza of its innovative identity that, in Sicily, makes it unique among the great natural sweet wines. In this harmony of flavors and tradition, the present eclipses to leave room for memories and the well-deserved dozing of the senses, lulled by thatalone of perfection that only the finest grapes can bestow.Tasting Notes

Color: deep golden yellow tending to amber;

Nose: in evidence are refined scents of orange blossom honey, candied orange peel, dried figs, dates, peaches in syrup, in perfect harmony with delicate evocations of bay leaf, lemongrass, marjoram, sage, oregano and oriental spices;

Palate: enchanting texture, unfolding almost in a whisper, with the class of its high lineage, an expression of the warmth of the Sicilian sun, enriched and traversed by subtle and deep marine and fruity nuances, caressing and perturbing;

Characteristics: aristocratic and reserved, it is a sweet and dynamic nectar, of extraordinary persistence, suave and graceful, fragrant, to be tasted even alone, in one’s own intimacy, confident of an elegant, authoritative and sensual companion, never intrusive;

Pairings: sweetness requires sweetness, so we suggest pairing it with a freshly baked apple and raisin strudel, Catalan cream, millefeuille with vanilla mousse, and a nice orange tart accompanied by lavender ice cream. Excellent pairing with foie gras and tasty blue cheeses.



The production of LEcrù requires two different vintages of Zibibbo. In the first, which occurs when the clusters are just ripe, a portion of the clusters are harvested and placed on racks for drying in the Sicilian sun; while the remainder is left on the vine to proceed with ripening. Finally, when overripe is complete, late harvesting, that of the overripe grape left on the vine to obtain a higher concentration of sugars in the berries, is carried out. Luva from this vintage is vinified.

Subsequently, when the drying process of the berries from the first harvest is complete, the raisin grapes are degreased by hand and steeped in the wine obtained from the late harvest.

This process allows the wine to re-enter the raisin wine and, due to the alcohol content, extract unique and particularly fresh and intense aromas.

Passito, in this way, is differentiated from other sweet wines by its acidic shoulder, to which the sweet component is added later. The Firriato method of infusing the raisin grape into the wine and not the must gives theEcrù special, balsamic notes that make it almost unique on the raisin wine scene.

Firriato Passito is just the fruit of dedication and care, and its clear, natural color testifies to Firriato’s elegance and style.





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