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Oscar 697 Vermouth Rosso Riserva cl 75


The 16% alcohol volume and relatively low sugar content (14%) make the Oscar.697 Red a more bitter and drier product than other labels.

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Vermouth Oscar 697 Red Reserve cl 75

Explore the exceptional Oscar 697 Rosso Riserva Vermouth, a high-quality red vermouth that embodies Italian craftsmanship and tradition with a modern twist.

  • A Distinctive Characterization: Oscar 697 Rosso Riserva Vermouth is the result of careful attention to detail and strict adherence to the stakes imposed by Italian production specifications. With a strong characterization of absinthe, rhubarb and licorice, this vermouth stands out for its bold and complex taste. With an alcohol volume of 16 percent and a relatively low sugar content of 14 percent, Oscar 697 Rosso Riserva Vermouth offers a more bitter and dry profile than other labels.
  • High Quality Natural Ingredients: The very high quality of Oscar 697 Rosso Riserva Vermouth is also evident in the choice of natural ingredients. With the use of natural caramel to achieve the characteristic brown color of red vermouth, and the use of rhubarb, licorice and wormwood to create a unique and balanced flavor profile, this vermouth stands out for its authenticity and complexity.
  • Versatility in Mixology: With its distinctive taste and aromatic complexity, Vermouth Oscar 697 Rosso Riserva pairs perfectly with a wide range of spirits, including London Dry Gin, Rum, Mezcal and Whisky (Bourbon, Rye and Scotch). Because of its ability to reduce the ABV of spirits and increase the aroma and bouquet of the main liquor, this vermouth is an essential component for creating sophisticated and refined cocktails.

Explore the exceptional nature of Vermouth Oscar 697 Rosso Riserva and discover the authentic beauty of Italian craftsmanship. Buy now and add a touch of sophistication and complexity to your favorite cocktails.






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Oscar 697 Red VermouthOscar 697 Vermouth Rosso Riserva cl 75

Availability: 4 in stock

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