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Costadilà White Veneto Sparkling 280 SLM 2021


Rediscovered wine, old gold, we would say orange. They processed white and red grapes. Maceration, pumping over, bottled without filtering, referments in the bottle with its own yeasts. It knows no sulfur!


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Costadilà White Veneto Sparkling 280 SLM 2021

Costadilà Bianco Veneto Frizzante 280 SLM 2021 is a sparkling wine with old-world charm, characterized by an old gold, almost orange color. This wine is the result of authentic craftsmanship and a production philosophy that aims to express the authenticity of the terroir and the grape variety. Made from a selection of native grape varieties, this sparkling wine stands out for its expressive character and extraordinary drinkability.

Main Features:

  • Grape varieties: Glera, Verdiso, Bianchetta Trevigiana, Perera, Boschera
  • Soil: Shallow marly and clayey.
  • Extension of the Vineyard: 0.9 hectares
  • Type of Implantation: Double inverted
  • Strain Density per Hectare: 3,000
  • Average Age of the Vineyard: 60 years
  • Average Production per Hectare: 90 hl
  • Total Sulfur: 8 mg/l
  • Bottles Produced: 4,800

Vinification and Refinement: The vinification of Costadilà Bianco Veneto Frizzante 280 SLM 2021 involves spontaneous fermentation and maceration on the skins for 30 days in stainless steel, followed by refinement for 3 months in wood with subsequent passage to stainless steel for final decanting. Bottling is done with the addition of must from dried grapes, giving the wine a unique aromatic complexity.

Tasting Notes: The wine has a deep golden yellow color. The nose offers fragrant aromas of fresh yeast with crisp hints of yellow-fleshed and tropical fruits, accompanied by floral aromas. The mouthfeel is juicy, with soft, fresh tones and a pleasant mineral savoriness. The wine offers good persistence, inviting another sip.

Recommended pairings: Costadilà Bianco Veneto Frizzante 280 SLM 2021 is an ideal companion to Venetian cicchetti, such as crostini with baccalà mantecato, boiled moscardini, half an egg with anchovy, and sarde in saor. Its freshness and complexity marry perfectly with the authentic flavors of Venetian cuisine, creating an unforgettable taste experience.

Experience the authenticity of the Veneto region with Costadilà Bianco Veneto Frizzante 280 SLM 2021. Buy now and be transported by the unique sensations of this sparkling wine that captures the soul of the Veneto.








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Bianchetta, Glera, Perera, Verdiso

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