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Sassicaia 2020 DOC Bolgheri Tenute San Guido cl 75


Bolgheri Sassicaia is a DOC wine whose production is allowed in a specific area of the municipality of Castagneto Carducci.

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Sassicaia 2020 DOC Bolgheri Tenute San Guido cl 75

In the 1920s, a student in Pisa, Mario Incisa della Rocchetta dreamed of creating a thoroughbred wine. His ideal, as for the aristocracy of the time, was Bordeaux.

This is how he describes it in a letter to Veronelli dated 11/6/1974.

The origin of the experiment goes back to the years between 1921 and 1925, when, as a student in Pisa and often a guest of the Salviati Dukes in Migliarino, I had drunk a wine produced from one of their vineyards on the mountain of Vecchiano that had the same unmistakable ?bouquet? of an old Bordeaux that I had just tasted rather than drank, (because at 14 I was not allowed to drink wine) before 1915, at my grandfather Chigi’s house.?

Having settled with his wife Clarice on the Tenuta San Guido on the Tyrrhenian coast, he experimented with a number of French grape varieties (the rootstocks of which he had retrieved from the estate of the Salviati Dukes in Migliarino, not from France) and concluded that Cabernet had “the bouquet I was looking for.”

No one had ever thought of making a “Bordeaux” wine in Maremma, an unknown area in terms of wine-making.

The decision to plant this variety on the San Guido Estate was partly due to the similarity he had noticed between this area of Tuscany and Graves, in Bordeaux. Graves means gravel, for the stony soil that distinguishes the area, just as Sassicaia, in Tuscany, names an area with the same characteristics.

From 1948 to 1967, Sassicaia remained a strictly private domain, and was drunk only on the Estate.

The marquis soon realized that as the wine aged, it improved considerably. As is often the case with wines of great stature, what were previously considered faults, in time turned into virtues.Every year, a few cases were put to age in the Castiglioncello cellar.

Now friends and relatives were inciting Mario Incisa to further his experiments and perfect his revolutionary winemaking style for that area.

The 1968 vintage was the first to be put on the market, with a reception worthy of a Premier Cru Bordeaux.

In the following years, the winery was moved to temperature-controlled rooms, steel vats replaced wooden vats for fermentation, and French barriques were introduced for aging.


Dry Red Wine




85 % Cabernet Sauvignon 15 % Cabernet Franc


Strong presence of limestone areas rich in marl and boulders and partially clayey


Spurred cordon


Positive year and tended to be warm in the latter stages of the seasonal cycle. The autumn was wet with heavy rainfall occurring from mid-October and persisting until late December. Temperatures have been quite mild and, at times, even above the seasonal average. Since February, intense cold has arrived with temperatures dropping approaching 0°C. March began with strong sea winds and rain but mild temperatures that contributed to bud swelling especially of early varieties such as Merlot. At the end of March, a disturbance from Russia brought a sharp drop in temperatures with northerly winds and even some overnight frosts. This weather condition did not create any damage to the Cabernet Sauvignon vines since it is a late cultivar, while in some Cabernet Franc plantings there was some bud selection, albeit to a small extent. April and May were mild with alternating sunny days and temperatures in the seasonal averages to rainy days and cooler air. A somewhat unusual spring that did not result in any damage to the vines but induced them to more vegetation and production during the late spring. After mid-June the weather recovered bringing sunny and warm days that accompanied until harvest time, although with some interruption of rains in July and even August to benefit the plants and always avoiding any stress. Grapes ripened slightly earlier than the normal trend of about 7-8 days, and the beautiful sunny days pushed the grapes to full ripeness quickly. The grapes, although higher in sugar content, arrived at the winery healthy and of excellent quality, with adequate phenolic ripening.


The harvest was carried out entirely by hand, beginning with the first week of September with the grapes from the youngest vineyards starting with Cabernet Franc and then continuing with the Cabernet Sauvignons from the vineyards located at lower altitudes, ending with the last week of September with the hillside vineyards located over 300 meters above sea level (Vigna di Castiglioncello and Vigna del Quercione).



Selection of grapes by sorting table to eliminate impurities and any presence of imperfection. Soft pressing and gentle destemming of grapes by suitable machinery to avoid breaking the integrity of the berries and avoid excessive release of tannins. Alcoholic fermentations (entirely spontaneous and without the addition of external yeasts) were completed in late October and carried out with regularity and controlled temperatures not exceeding 27-28 °C. Frequent delestages and open-air pumping over allowed excellent aromatic extraction and freshness in terms of must acidity. Malo-lactic fermentations took place in steel at the end of November. In the first week of December 2020, after frequent racking to clean the musts, the wine was put into oak barrels.



At the end of malo-lactic fermentations, the wine was put into barrels using 45% new wood, 45% first-passage and 10% second-passage. Sassicaia 2020, after more than 25 months of aging in wood, was racked into steel tanks before final blending and then bottling. Subsequent bottle aging before marketing.COLOR:

Purple red with violet hues


Very intense and persistent, very fine, broad with floral and underbrush scents, gently spicy


Persistent, intense, savory, rightly tannic, warm, full-bodied, balanced and very fine


Meats of all kinds, fine game



    Tenuta San Guido





    Wine Appellation

    Gradazione Alcolica %


    Area of Origin


    Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon



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