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Velier Royal Navy Very Old Rum (1×0.7l)


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An amazing story: in October 2004, Luke visited Guyana and Trinidad to prepare for a photo session by photographer Marcarini on rum and the Caribbean.

Arriving on Southern Main Road, the sight before his eyes is “day after”: the distillery is already industrial archaeology. Inside the same, Luke discovers a lady who tells him that the sugar mill with attached state-owned distillery were closed by a government decision in 2003.

Noticing that manual, very artisanal bottling was underway, Luke asked if they happened to have any barrels still aging. At this point the lady introduces Luke to liquidator Rudy Moore, who, stepping over decommissioned tracks and uncultivated grass, brings him to the front of a large warehouse. Upon opening the door, a vision appeared that he could not have imagined even in his most optimistic dream: hundreds of barrels of rum, the oldest of which dated back to 1974.

The rums are excellent, so the decision is made to bottle them at full grade and/or high grade to maintain the balance of the rums.

Luca also decided to use the same photographs taken by Fredi Marcarini during the trip as a label.

On April 1, 2005, 74 barrels leave for Europe from which we will bottle the first 8 Carones: Heavy 1982 62°, Heavy 1982 77.3° F.P., Light 1982 59.2°, Heavy 1983 52°, Heavy 1985 62°, Heavy 1985 75.5° F.P., Blended 1985 49.5°, Heavy 1989 62°. In 2006, 6 more Carones were bottled: Heavy 1982 58.3°, Light 1982 55.2°, Heavy 1984 54.6°, Heavy 1985 58.8°, Light 1989 64.2°, Blended 15 Y.O. 43.4°. In 2008, 4 more Carones were bottled: Heavy 1974 66.1°, Heavy 1983 55°, Heavy 1984 58.3°, Heavy 1988 43° Blended. In 2010 5 more Carones are bottled: Blended 1993 44.4°, Heavy 1991 61.7° F.P., Blended 1991 55°, Heavy 1992 55°, Heavy 1992 61.2° F.P. In 2011 2 more Carones are bottled: Heavy 1994 52° F.P., Heavy 1994 62.3° F.P.

In 2012 we begin bottling the last vintage, 2000, the last 100 percent Trinidad rum, since after this vintage molasses for subsequent production will be sourced from abroad. We decided to lower the degree to 50° because the young age was better expressed at lower degree. We also decided to change the label, restyling an old one from Caroni 1940s as a tribute to the brand’s history.

After 35 different expressions in ten years, we decided to divide the releases among those with colored labels, a tribute to the old original 1940s labels. all lowered by and the ‘classic’ ones with black and white photos, both full degree and 55°. In addition to the already famous 17 Y.O. we are launching this year’s 1996, the oldest and most valuable in our stock, a wonderful 20-year-old Heavy in a tropical climate at 70.1°, which will become legendary, with a label admonishing to the fearless ‘Trepassers’ who will try it, its 55° version.

The Caronimania that has exploded in recent years has led to a spasmodic search by enthusiasts and collectors, and the price of the 1974 Caroni has already exceeded 650 euros, while the 1982 F.P. 77.3° and 1985 F.P. 73.5° have exceeded 400 euros with an increase over the starting price of 500% in 4/6 years.





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