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Rum Plantation

Rum Plantation

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Rum Plantation

Plantation rums are a genuine invitation to travel. From Jamaica to Barbados via Panama, Trinidad, Guyana all the way to Fiji Islands. Each rum possesses characteristic local flavors that faithfully reflect the identity of each area. Each rum-distilling country has its own terroir with its own traditions, production techniques, and identity. Alexandre Gabriel, Plantation‘s master blender, chooses only the best batches from each distillery in the Caribbean so that they respect the unique identity of each territory. All rums face double aging: in the Caribbean, so that the high temperatures enhance the rustic and exotic flavors of the country of origin, and in Cognac perfecting the aging thanks to Maison Ferrand’s deep expertise and knowledge. All Plantation rums are authentic distillates that express the personality of the land that raised them. It is a fascinating diversity with fermentation times, distillation methods, and years of aging always unique and stated on the label. Maison Ferrand, producing cognac, had always had business relationships with the most important distilleries in the Caribbean, to whom it sold the barrels used to age its cognacs. A profound connoisseur of the Caribbean, Alexandre was thus able to discover some small batches of rums of extraordinary quality and intensity; highly prized rums that were often used for the Maitre de chai’s personal consumption or used to embellish other assemblages. Thus was born the idea of marketing these extraordinary rums in the Plantation collection, extraordinary expressions of the countries of origin in which they were produced.

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