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Habitation Velier Rum

Habitation Velier

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Habitation Velier

The “Habitation Velier” project was born in 2015 out of a close collaboration between Luca Gargano and the world’s best Pure Single Rum distillers, a category that groups rum excellence. The purpose of the range is to bring the rum market’s attention to the fundamental importance of the distillation process, and to production in general, from raw material to fermentation.

Pure Single Rum

All the rums in the Habitation Velier range are. Pure Single Rum, that is, 100% distilled in pot still. Pure Single White Rums, are the purest expression of the sugarcane or its derivatives (molasses) whose quintessence they fully express. Alcohol-rich, high-grade, they are the new generation for all passionate mixologists . Vintage rums are aged entirely in a tropical climate, with an angel share of more than 8 percent per year, which allows for natural and accelerated aging compared to European aging, at the expense of quantity. Habitation Velier rums are bottled barrel proof, with no added caramel or sugar or any other element not from distillation.

Worthy Park 2007 Jamaican Pure Single Rum
Worthy Park Pot Still
Habitation Velier Rum
Range Habitation Velier Rum

Luca Gargano

“Habitation Velier collects only unique, full-grade editions of both white and aged rums, strictly from pot stills only. On each label are: a depiction of the still of origin ; the date of distillation; for the first time, the ester content of individual bottlings; highlighting tropical aging; and the vaguely ironic ‘sugar free’ label to indicate that they have no added sugars. It is a revolutionary label that brings my and Richard Seale’s key concepts to the passionate consumer.” (Luca Gargano, Nomad among the barrels – Velier Editions, 2019)

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