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Travel Box Pharmaceutical Spirit


A set of liquors with a strong pharmaceutical spirit, useful for any ailment.

– China Clementi 70 cl
– Kahneman bitters 70 cl
– Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal 10 cl

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Travel Box Pharmaceutical Spirit (1 China Clementi cl 70 + 1 Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal cl 10 + 1 Amaro Kahneman cl 70):

The Spirito Farmaceutico Travel Box is a set of liquors that embody tradition and craftsmanship, ideal for dealing with any ailment with taste and benefit to the body.

Package Contents:

  1. China Clementi 70 cl:
    • China Clementi is a liqueur made from cinchona bark, bitter oranges and natural herbs, cold macerated.
    • Based on the ancient recipe of Dr. Clementi, who formulated the Elixir of China in his Fivizzano Pharmacy with the intention of creating a beneficial liqueur.
    • Made by blending two fine varieties of tropical China (Cinchona Calisaya and Succirubra), enriched with different aromatic and medicinal herbs.
  2. Kahneman bitters 70 cl:
    • Kahneman Bitter has ancient origins, dating back to 1812, when it was handcrafted for the Kahneman family.
    • Improved by Dr. Valter Fabbro, an Italian homeopath, to aid digestion at the end of a meal.
    • The combination of ingredients such as lemon, rosemary, licorice, star anise, quinotto, cinnamon, and gentian promotes digestive action.
  3. Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal 10 cl:
    • Made according to the 1764 recipe, the oldest in the world, combining 130 herbs, flowers, roots and spices.
    • It is bottled at 69%vol and the wooden case is still made by the monks of the Carthusian order.

This set offers a variety of flavors and beneficial properties, perfect for those seeking artisanal and traditional care for their well-being.

Enjoy in moderation and mindfulness for a unique and healing experience.


Clementi, Pères Chartreux


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Spirito FarmaceuticoTravel Box Pharmaceutical Spirit

Availability: 2 in stock

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