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Francois Peyrot Liqueur Poire Williams


For the production of “Liqueur Au Cognac Poire,” Williams pears are harvested in late October when they reach their peak ripeness.

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Francois Peyrot Liqueur Poire Williams

For the production of “Liqueur Au Cognac Poire,” Williams pears are harvested in late October when they reach their peak ripeness. Next, the fruits are allowed to macerate in a distillate in order to make an extremely concentrated pear juice. Finally, the natural pear aroma is assembled with Cognac 1er Cru Grande Champagne. It matures for two years in white oak barrels. Francois Peyrot’s Liqueur Au Cognac Poire is great as a digestif, but when served very cold, along with 2/3 of Champagne, it is great as an aperitif.


TYPOLOGY Cognac – ” Liqueur au Cognac Poire “


MATERIA PRIMA 14 kg Williams Pears and Cognac 1er Cru Grande Champagne

DISTILLATION The handmade still was constructed and refined from a mass of raw copper. “Charentaise” distillation allows the wine’s most delicate aromas and flavors to be concentrated; it is a traditional method dating back to the 18th century. The vineyard “Les Bergeronnettes comprises 25 hectares located in the “Grande Champagne 1er cru de Cognac”(AOC).

COLOR Intense amber.

AROMA Combines the typical olfactory scents of Cognac with the fruity aromas of Williams pears.

PAIRINGS Although it belongs to the cognac family, it is best enjoyed at a slightly cooler temperature, apt after dinner with chocolate. Together with two-thirds ” bubbles “, it is a delicious aperitif.

TASTE In the glass you can feel all the freshness of the pears, and their sweet, delicate flavor matches well with the proud character of the Peyrot family spirits.

TASTING NOTES From the region of Jarnac, with the classic Uni Blanc grape variety and high-quality pears, comes Liqueur au Cognac Poire, which is surely one of the best achievements in the field of spirits in recent years. This product is the extraordinary result of combining the aromas of Williams pears, picked at the end of October when they have reached the peak of their ripeness and organoleptic fragrance, and Cognac 1er Cru Grande Champagne produced by the Peyrot family. What makes it unparalleled are the 14 kg of pears it takes to produce a single bottle; what makes it unmatched are the two years of aging in white oak barrels. What makes it unforgettable, however, is that natural and harmonious aroma. Served very cold, it is truly an exciting product that leaves an impression.

DESCRIPTION It is since 1956 that Maison François Peyrot’s Cognacs have been produced, originating from passion, hard work and perseverance, and also from love for their land and their work. The vines are are located in the commune of Jarnac, in the Grande Champagne 1er Cru de Cognac, and are cultivated with the utmost respect for the environment, nature and the ecosystem, preferring quality over quantity. Passion for viticulture is the driving force behind every choice, and while never renouncing the most modern technologies in the field, agronomic practices are adopted in a careful and judicious manner, thinking first of all about flora and fauna, and categorically excluding the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. From the vineyard to the cellar, the step is short, and every day everything that will sooner or later be bottled under François Peyrot’s name is scrupulously checked, created and raised as if it were a child. Immersed in the half-light and humidity, the wood essence impregnated with the evaporated alcohol almost seems to be the scent of angels: this is how the mystery is accomplished, with the birth of unique and inimitable Cognacs, whose scents are mastered by the unerring skill of the master cellarman. Next to cognacs, we find fruit-flavored liqueurs ; a range of products with the highest quality level.

AGEING Minimum 2 years in white oak barrels








François Peyrot

Gradazione Alcolica %


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