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Rhum J.M

Rhum J.M – Rum Agricole in Martinique since 1845

A terroir is the result of the encounter between people and a place. J.M is the very expression of this alliance, of the intelligence with which men have been able to exploit an extraordinary natural site.

The History

The long history of this rum Habitation whose name was given in 1845 by Jean-Marie Martin; a family rum whose quality and reputation have been developed since 1912 by the Crassous de Médeuil family. Rhum J.M is the history of agricultural rum in Martinique.

The Heritage

Heritage preserved in this functioning distillery. Industrial heritage, living testimony of an agricultural distillery in whose isolation it has continued to operate in an autarkic way until today.

Sugar Cane

The cane produces sugar is grown and harvested on the plateaus of Habitation Bellevue where all the J.M cane is planted …. it is the story of a plant that has conquered the world from east to west and has shaped the culture and landscape of the tropical world.

J.M Rhum Sugar Cane

The Process

The three key phases of the production of agricultural rum, which in J.M are managed in a limited space, are perfectly prepared to ensure the continuous monitoring and control of the metamorphosis of the sugar cane by the distiller and his team.


Beyond the AOC rules, it is the rules passed down from generation to generation that guide the creation of rums. It is the constant attention to each phase of the transformation, it is also the patience that creates the scent and taste of JM rums. “Patience, patience and more patience.” This is the first virtue that the distiller and cellarman of J.M. Requise always remembers.


In the aging cellars the perfume and taste of old rums develop, the richness of their aromas, their harmony and roundness, their length in the mouth. in J.M, science and patience let time do his work, thanks to the art of the cellarman, respecting tradition.

J.M Rhum the cellar

The scents of Martinique

Talking about rum is talking about perfumes. A visit to the J.M distillery is also a delightful olfactory walk in all seasons: smells of cane on the vine, in bloom, or crushed during the harvest, smell of barrels burned in the barrel cellar, exquisite scents of wild or planted nature, in all seasons , and the unforgettable scent of the aging cellar, a hymn to all the good smells of J.M rum… to be enjoyed in the olfactory laboratory.

J.M Rhum the jungle

During the transformation phases of the barrel and then the aging of the rums, smells are born, develop, refine and enrich up to compose these bouquets of a surprising aromatic complexity to be smelled in J.M. At each stage, the smell and taste of J.M rums are developed, thanks to constant attention.

The flavors of J.M. Rum

It all starts with the taste of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. The aroma palette of J.M rum ​​then develops and enriches during aging and shows off all the flavor of Martinique.


The complex aromas of rum evoke those of plants from Martinique while only one plant enters it: sugar cane.

From the vanilla orchid vine, to the Bois d’Inde shrub to the large trees: the coffee plant, the cocoa plant or the Mombin plum … a whole series of plants to smell will introduce you to the magic of rum creation: Da a bottle of J.M rum, where only cane and pure water enter, escapes, like a djinn, the whole fragrant landscape of Martinique!


“EDDEN is the commitment to the sustainable development of our ecosystems and our nature initiated by the J.M. which is part of a long investment process started almost ten years ago. Not therefore a communication asset of the Rhum J.M brand but a guide to agricultural and industrial choices to preserve the environment and the distillery. When you live and produce rum on a small paradise island in the Caribbean, a 1100km2 tropical grain of sand lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you need to respect and preserve the surrounding environment. It is a matter of common sense and individual and collective responsibility. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the HAYOT family, owner of this exceptional distillery, for having systematically accepted that the most expensive investment choices were made being the most virtuous from an environmental point of view “explains Grégoire Gueden, Director of the Rhum J.M.

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