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Dom Pérignon Plenitude 2 P2 2004 Champagne

Dom Pérignon Champagne – Vintage Only

Unique Experience with Dom Pérignon: Buy your Favorite Champagne!

Explore the magical world of Dom Pérignon, where the art of champagne blends with perfection and tranquility. Discover the latest expressions, including the prestigious Dom Pérignon P2 Plénitude 2, the refined Dom Pérignon Rosé, and the elegant Dom Pérignon 2013. Each bottle is a work of winemaking art that encompasses years of patient elevation and search for perfect harmony.

Dom Pérignon Champagne - Vintage Only
  • Dom Pérignon P2 Plénitude 2 – Prolonged Elevation After more than 15 years of aging, Dom Pérignon P2 reaches a new pinnacle of expression. Its unique components merge into a harmonious ballet, generating intense and vibrant energy. Let its uniqueness envelop you, buy now for an extraordinary experience.
  • Dom Pérignon Rosé – Creativity Without Boundaries Dom Pérignon Rosé goes beyond the limits of creation, embracing risk and experimenting freely. With a slow transformation of nearly 12 years in the cellars, this champagne expresses the power of the Pinot Noir grape in a radiant blend. Explore the balance between light and dark, buy now and have a unique sensory experience.
  • Dom Pérignon 2013 – Elegant Purity The 2013 Vintage reveals the harmonious symphony of pinot noir and chardonnay, offering an experience of elegant purity. Each bottle is a promise of perfect balance, where elements come together in harmonious dialogue. Enter the world of Dom Pérignon with the 2013 Vintage.

Explore the harmony revealed in each bottle, where each Dom Pérignon Vintage is a promise of an extraordinary experience. Buy now and treat yourself to the luxury of savoring perfection in every sip.

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