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Louis Roederer Collection 243 Champagne


Louis Roederer Collection 243 embodies the excellence of the Maison Louis Roederer, combining tradition and innovation to create unique and distinctive wines.

Louis Roederer Collection 243 : A Vision Turned Toward the Future

Maison Louis Roederer is synonymous with excellence in the world of champagne, a brand that has enchanted wine lovers for centuries with refined and innovative creations. With the new Collection 243, the Maison not only continues this tradition but also opens a brand new chapter in its history, marked by a deep commitment to sustainability and adaptation to climate change. This wine represents more than just a new label; it is a manifesto of intent, a declaration of love for the land and a promise of uncompromising quality.

A Winemaker’s Approach in the “Heart of the Terroir”

Roederer Collection 243 is the result of a careful selection of the best vineyard plots, both from the Louis Roederer estate and from the Maison’s historical partners. This purposeful choice is not accidental, but responds to the need to preserve and enhance the heart of Champagne’s unique terroir. Champagne is a region particularly sensitive to climate change, and Louis Roederer has been able to respond to these challenges with sustainable and innovative viticulture. Each plot is cared for with maniacal attention, respecting the natural cycles of the vine and favoring agricultural practices that reduce environmental impact. This approach allows not only to maintain, but to enhance the freshness and complexity that characterize the “Louis Roederer style.”

The Art of Assembly

At the heart of Louis Roederer’s philosophy is the art of assemblage. This process, which skillfully blends wines from different vintages, plots and grape varieties, is a true exercise in winemaking mastery. The Maison searches each year for the best wine available, combining the characteristics of each vintage to create a final product that represents the perfect image of the Collection vineyard. This commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in every bottle of Collection 243, a wine that speaks of tradition but with an eye toward the future.

R├ęserve Perp├ętuelle and Wood Aged Reserve Wines

One of the distinctive elements of Collection 243 is the use of R├ęserve Perp├ętuelle, a method begun with the 2012 vintage that consists of constantly enriching the collection with the latest vintages. This process makes it possible to create wines that evolve over time, offering new tactile and taste sensations with each sip. R├ęserve Perp├ętuelle gives the wine a unique depth and complexity, making each bottle an ongoing discovery.

In addition, wood-aged reserve wines make up 10% of the Collection 243 blend. This aging in wood adds sweetness, softness and smoky notes to the whole, further enriching the wine’s flavor profile. The result is a perfect balance between freshness and maturity, between power and finesse.

Excellence, Tradition and Innovation

Roederer Collection 243 embodies the excellence of the Maison Louis Roederer, combining tradition and innovation to create unique and distinctive wines. Each bottle is the result of meticulous work, an unquenchable passion for quality and a deep respect for nature. This champagne represents a modern vision of viticulture, one that looks to the future with optimism and determination.

Louis Roederer has been able to renew itself without ever losing sight of its roots, creating a collection that perfectly reflects the evolution of contemporary taste. Roederer Collection 243 is a tribute to adaptability and resilience, a celebration of nature and winemaking mastery. It is a wine that invites you to discover, to explore, to enjoy every moment.

In conclusion, Louis Roederer Collection 243 is not just a champagne, but a complete sensory experience. It is a journey through time and space, a meeting of past and future, a sublime expression of what sustainable viticulture can accomplish. Each sip tells a story of passion, innovation and love for the land, making every occasion special and memorable.


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