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Bollinger R.D. 2007 Champagne cl 75


TYPOLOGY Champagne AOC – R.D.
PRODUCTION AREA AY – Vallée de la Marne VITIGNO. 70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay. 14 crus, 91% of which are Grands Crus and 9% Premiers Crus.

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Bollinger R.D. 2007 Champagne cl 75

TYPOLOGY Champagne AOC – R.DZONEPRODUCTION AY – Vallée de la MarneVITIGNO. 70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay. 14 crus, 91% of which are Grands Crus and 9% Premiers Crus.WINEMAKING Fermentation in small wooden barrels (of 205, 225 and 410 liters), followed by frothing and a maturation on yeasts that lasts for at least 10 years, a time 3 times longer than that required by the product specification. Maturation on the lees with the bottle closed with a cork (bouchon liège), which ensures an oxidation-reduction process ideal for yeast autolysis when going beyond five years of maturation

COLOR It has a color that veers toward golden hues, enhanced by a fine and very lively perlage.

AROMA The nose is very fresh, snappy, elegant, certainly complex, played on citrus zest, baking, sweet spices, no doubt minerality, as well as a touch between smoky, toasted and ripe fruit.

PAIRINGS Large meat roasts,baked quail and pigeon, very mature cheeses.

TASTE Mouth still of a freshness bordering on the disorienting, almost balsamic, with a harmonious sip perfectly consistent with the olfactory impact. A beautiful détente between citrus, minerality and a refined savoriness on the close.

TASTING NOTES R.D. is short for Récemment Dégorgé. It was in 1967 that Madame Bollinger created this legendary cuvée: a champagne whose aging on the lees was precisely pushed to the extreme. All R.D.’s have been Grande Année, but not all Grande Année’s will be R.D. In fact, the latter champagne is nothing more than the first kept more on the lees, in the best vintages. Dégorgement is done only when leaving the cellar.Full-bodied and intense, but always balanced. A great, great wine!

DESCRIPTION Maison Bollinger is located in Ay, one of the historic villages in the heart of Champagne, and the quality of its wines is universally recognized, even by competitors. Thanks to the privileged location of the vineyards, and a deep ethic of quality, Maison Bollinger quickly gained an international reputation for the style and quality of its Champagne wines. In 1992 the Charter of Ethics and Quality was drawn up on which all the methods and principles defended by Maison Bollinger were put in writing. Bollinger’s vineyards meet 70 percent of its grape requirements, spread over an area of 160 hectares located essentially within the boundaries of the grands crus and premiers crus champenois. The remaining 30 percent comes from grapes selected and purchased from other winemakers within the perimeter of grands and premiers crus. Maison Bollinger uses only the wine from the first pressing, reselling the second pressings. The Bollinger style is based on pinot noir, mainly from the prestigious territories of Aÿ, Bouzy and Verzenay. Its typicality gives wines richness, vinosity and roundness. The grands crus and premiers crus enter in their entirety into the composition of the Grande Année blend and 80% into that of the Special Cuvée. They bring their structure and complexity to Bollinger wines. Reserve wines are stored in magnums with corks under a light foam grip, cru by cru, varietal by varietal, vintage by vintage. This method, unique in Champagne, allows Maison Bollinger to store its reserve wines for many years while preserving their freshness and character. Thus having a true enoteca, Maison Bollinger can choose with great precision the cru, varietal and vintage that will best ensure continuity in the Special Cuvée assemblage. Bollinger can also boast the exclusivity of a vineyard closed

AGING Maturation on yeasts that lasts for at least 10 years, a time 3 times longer than that required by the product specification.Maturation carried out under natural cork. Recent disgorgement Bollinger R.D. is released only a few months after being disgorged. This recent disgorgement ensures the wine’s remarkable freshness.







Wine Appellation

Gradazione Alcolica %



Chardonnay, Pinot Noir






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