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Roagna Barbaresco Faset DOCG 2017


In 2013, the collaboration between Roagna and an owner of the historic Faset vineyard in Barbaresco. 2013 the first vintage produced.

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Roagna Barbaresco Faset DOCG 2017

The Roagna winery has its origins in Barbaresco. Since the second half of the 1800s, four generations of the family have worked in the winery. Dating back to the early 1900s are a number of awards won by great-grandfather. In the History of Don Michele Del Pero, Archpriest of Barbaresco from 1889 to 1935, two gold medals are recounted: one obtained at the Monaco Exposition and the other at the Last Chicago Exposition. In February 1952 the family decided to purchase and rebuild the prestigious I Paglieri (Pajè) farmhouse in Barbaresco. In 1978 the company’s trademark, the winery’s current logo, was created. In 1982, the new father’s flair gave rise to Opera Prima. In 1989 the winery purchased the historic La Pira farmstead in the Rocche di Castiglione Falletto: Alfredo’s dream, was indeed to own one of the most important “cru” in the Barolo area. Since 2001, after finishing his studies at the Alba School of Enology, Luca joined the company.

Roagna has kept faith over the decades with its business philosophy, which has always been handed down from father to son. The ‘goal is to seek the highest quality of the product, safeguarding typicality and authenticity of the grape variety in coherence with Roagna’s personality and lifestyle. The style is traditional and innovative while respecting history. Techniques are refined from year to year, while retaining a traditional and typical character. In a Roagna wine, the autochthonous characters (grape variety and terroir) are in the foreground with great structure and olfactory richness. Fundamental is respect for Nature. No chemical or organic fertilizers are used in the vineyards.WINEMAKING
Roagna makes wine in the traditional way: the mustered grapes ferment in large wooden vats for long periods (while new trends include lightning maceration and use of barriques). Fermentation lasts for 8-10 days, thanks to the action of indigenous yeasts. It is essential to make further selection on native yeasts in order to achieve the highest quality. This superselection is achieved through recent collaboration with the Faculty of Viticulture and Enology in Turin, Italy. Maceration also takes place, which, in the best vintages, extends beyond fermentation for up to 70 days. This ensures total tannin extraction for a complex and immortal structure. Norisoprenoids, fundamental characters of the tertiary bouquet, are also extracted from the “submerged cap” maceration.THE SOIL.
Tortonian, Tertiary age, consisting of quartz, mica, chlorite and feldspar alternating or fused with marls (clays) with high trace element richness and minimal water content. Barbaresco is characterized by a fine grain size, due to telluric movements of the earth’s crust. Castiglione Falletto, a village in the heart of Barolo, on the other hand, has a more sandy texture due to rock disintegration.

Roagna maintains, as did his ancestors, the importance of owning very old vineyards, which ensure low yields and high quality. Some vineyards have vines planted in the period from 1937 to 1955.



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